WordPress, so far.

So far, my experience with WordPress has been great. I installed it myself on an Apple PowerMac G4, running Apache, PHP and MySQL. Installing required unzipping it into my webserver’s root directory. I had to modify some of the directory permissions (chmod, etc…).

There are numerous WordPress themes and WordPress plugins available. I have installed a few of them so far, including:

  • All in one SEO Pack
  • Google Sitemaps
  • wp-cache

Here’s a link to the WordPress plugin directory

For my theme, I chose fourWPTP, by Moses Francis (he has some great resources too). UPDATE: I had to switch themes. After a playing with it for a week, or so, I found that it was laying out differently across, IE7, Safari and Firefox, browsers. Also, I thought I would need a 4-column layout, but a 3-column layout works fine for me. So now I’m using ‘xtn57’. Which like fourWPTP, installed easily. There is a great deal of info out on the web already on how to do this step at a time and I’m sure most people aren’t using MacOS X, like I am.

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