What’s up with the NFL iPhone app?

I’m trying to figure out what the National Football League’s (NFL) strategy is with their iPhone app?  The reviews are not pretty. As I look at the iTunes page now, there’s not one review that rates more than a star. The written reviews are even worse and I’m sure many who gave one star were trying to figure out if Apple would allow no stars or negative stars.

Fortunately for the NFL, iTunes doesn’t let me copy and paste, but they’re along the lines of “Shame on you, NFL,” “Worst sports app,” “Fails to deliver,” “Fire the developers.” I could keep going.

I wonder what’s happening behind the scenes? At NFL headquarters? Around the conference table when they’re discussing the strategy, features, marketing of this app?

Maybe I’m extra curious because I’m part of a team that develop mobile apps for medical news and education, and we’re always talking about the features to include and how to improve the app. [HINT: we read our reviews, especially the critical ones put the suggestions on a bug/enhancement list]

So, I’m trying to picture our meetings as they’d be happening at the NFL.  From what I can figure, the people making the decisions don’t use mobile apps very much. If your not immersed and always on that device, your mobile product suffers. They probably have the website team handling the app and deciding on its feature set and functionality.

When you’re on the mobile phone and use it, you get the oppurtunity to download and try other apps. Try apps outside your industry, to see what other top mobile development groups are working on.

Apparently the NFL development group are not baseball fans either and haven’t tried MLB at Bat.  Credit has to go out to Major League Baseball, who’ve developed a top notch app, that’s stable and delivers a multitude of features, including audio, video clips and optionally full video of games, if you have a extra MLB TV subscription.

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  1. I am interested in this answer as well. I actually called a local NFL team and spoke to their “media” director and his response to my question…Do you have an iphone app? was “we are working with the NFL to improve our mobile site and looking into the development of an app” I thought that was interesting. Do all NFL Teams have to work through the NFL to do this?

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