the target market for Google’s new glasses

[two_third]I’ve always said that when they start offering the implantable computers, tied directly to my brain, I’d be first on line to get one. We’re not quite there yet, but Google’s Project Glass could give us a glimpse of the future of computing.

Today at I/O, Google’s Developer conference, Google announced the 2013 availability of computerized glasses that take computing and augmented reality to the next level. For $1,500 a Google developer at the I/O meeting, could purchase one of these devices and work on developing apps that take advantage of the potential uses for this device.

It’s far too early to tell what will come of the Project Glass.  Will there be a killer app made specifically for Google Glass or will today’s apps jump from the mobile handset onto the device with just some programming modifications? Google showed a skydiving example, but how could this gadget be used otherwise? Certainly as a portable heads up display for navigation of any kind comes to mind. One suggested use is the immediate sharing of what you’re seeing with others, not fumbling or forgetting your camera, etc.

The price would have to come down of course.  Looking at apple’s original pricing for the iPad, $499 seems to be a sweet spot now for mass adoption to begin.

Also, will they offered as prescription glasses? What about bi-focals? Will they even work for the far-sighted?

So lot’s of questions remain.  To keep up with the progress add the project’s Google+ page to your circles.[/two_third][one_third_last]the evolution of computing. from eniac, to ibm, to apple, to google project glass[/one_third_last]