the NFL iPhone and iPad app experience in 2011 — still crappy

Maybe football fans should just consider themselves lucky that there’s going to be pro football played at all this year. The chance to watch football on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch hasn’t improved all that much. Same goes for listening to radio simulcasts.

It’s been almost a year since I posted about the lack of a decent app for NFL Football. I contrasted that with what the MLB’s done with their At Bat 2010 and now At Bat 2011 apps.

Not much has changed at this point, mid-way through pre-season 2011.

If you happen to be a dish customer (only ~15% of us are), DirecTV offers NFL Sunday Ticket on iTunes. They have free apps for iPhone or iPad, however you’ll have to subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket and pay a little extra still to get the “To-Go” version.

If you’re a cable TV customer, as mos of us are, this app does us little good.

In any case I read through the reviews and downloaded the app to see what I could get it to do, not being a directv customer. The experience was ridiculous. Look at the screenshots I encountered…

Maybe they’ll straighten it out before the season starts? Who knows? As of today though I have little hope. [Update: they did straighten out the issue. Now there’s a login page, after loading.]