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Why this blog?

I’ve decided to give give it a shot. A good friend and collegue of mine, thinks that the whole idea of blogging (both reading them and writing them) is ridiculous.

I’m sure she’ll be singing a different tune after she reads this! 😉

Her opinion is “Why would anyone trust what some nobody is writing?” I think she has a good point. There are plenty of people with no qualifications on a given topic, generating lots of misinformation on the web. So “educated web-surfers” should take that into consideration when reading anything.

There are a few reasons for this site:

  • After using Typepad and some other blogging platforms for work use, I wanted to check out WordPress. What the heck, I thought I’d give it a real world trial.
  • To test drive some of the plug-ins and enhancements are available for WordPress, blogs and plain-old web sites as well.
  • I want to see how I could promote/market what I expect to be a very modest blog. How can I get on the front page of Google.
  • As a place to share my thoughts about technology and more. My hope is that having to write it down will force me to think more clearly the topics.

That said, I hope that those who happen to find there way to this page can get something useful out of it. Please share your thoughts as well.