This blog is one-year old

Happy Birthday. I want to share some stats about what’s happened over the year since launch.

First, part of the reason I started this blog was to experiment with search engine optimization (SEO). I started from zero and watched each post rise and dip according to the rules around search, particularly around Google’s algorithm and each page’s Page Rank.

Okay, the numbers (according to Google Analytics)…
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WordPress, so far.

So far, my experience with WordPress has been great. I installed it myself on an Apple PowerMac G4, running Apache, PHP and MySQL. Installing required unzipping it into my webserver’s root directory. I had to modify some of the directory permissions (chmod, etc…).

There are numerous WordPress themes and WordPress plugins available. I have installed a few of them so far, including:

  • All in one SEO Pack
  • Google Sitemaps
  • wp-cache

Here’s a link to the WordPress plugin directory

For my theme, I chose fourWPTP, by Moses Francis (he has some great resources too). UPDATE: I had to switch themes. After a playing with it for a week, or so, I found that it was laying out differently across, IE7, Safari and Firefox, browsers. Also, I thought I would need a 4-column layout, but a 3-column layout works fine for me. So now I’m using ‘xtn57’. Which like fourWPTP, installed easily. There is a great deal of info out on the web already on how to do this step at a time and I’m sure most people aren’t using MacOS X, like I am.