the NFL iPhone and iPad app experience in 2011 — still crappy

Maybe football fans should just consider themselves lucky that there’s going to be pro football played at all this year. The chance to watch football on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch hasn’t improved all that much. Same goes for listening to radio simulcasts.

It’s been almost a year since I posted about the lack of a decent app for NFL Football. I contrasted that with what the MLB’s done with their At Bat 2010 and now At Bat 2011 apps.

Not much has changed at this point, mid-way through pre-season 2011.

If you happen to be a dish customer (only ~15% of us are), DirecTV offers NFL Sunday Ticket on iTunes. They have free apps for iPhone or iPad, however you’ll have to subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket and pay a little extra still to get the “To-Go” version.

If you’re a cable TV customer, as mos of us are, this app does us little good.

In any case I read through the reviews and downloaded the app to see what I could get it to do, not being a directv customer. The experience was ridiculous. Look at the screenshots I encountered… Continue reading “the NFL iPhone and iPad app experience in 2011 — still crappy”

Initial Thoughts About the iPad’s Target Market

During Apple’s media event today, there was discussion around the new device and who’d use it.

I can see some appeal for use in the medical field, although medical apps or device connections were not covered at all today. With a large screen, it’s better at charts, photos, graphics (x-rays) than an iPhone ever could be. See also Upcoming Apple Tablet is Generating Significant Hype — Will it affect Healthcare? on MedPage Today.

What about home use? The iPad was designed for games, iBooks, movies, etc. So, the home user is in the sweet spot of the iPad’s target user.

iPad vs Kindle. With a $499 entry level iPad, the prices are close enough to make potential Kindle purchasers consider an iPad. Current prices are $259 for the 6″ Kindle and $489 for the 9.7″ Kindle DX (a match for the iPad screen size). I think the answer pretty clear here; the iPad wins. For me its as simple as “Color” vs “Black and White” TV.

Business Users? The iPad makes a great presentation device thanks to Continue reading “Initial Thoughts About the iPad’s Target Market”

the problem with iChat…my face

I can see myself.

There it is. Right up there—first sentence. That’s the biggest reason for the lack of use of iChat videoconferencing (in the workplace, at least). At home its a big hit with the kids. They eat it up. Especially in Leopard, with the addition of cool “Effects” that let you distort your image like a Picasso or have a dynamic background using a poor man’s green screen. There are also developers creating add-on effects for it.

Back to the work issue. I think iChat would be a great tool at work. Especially with increased telecommuting, increasing numbers of permanently remote users, and for groups who need to collaborate, it can be a valuable tool. All of the new MacBook and MacBookPro laptops in our group have the video capability built-in. I can count on one hand the number of times it has been used.

I was wondering why we use it so little, then it hit me. I don’t want to see my ugly mug on screen and if others feel the way I do, that explains it. Its not that I or any of my friends and co-workers look particularly unappealing (People have told me I look a little like Andre Agassi and Uncle Fester, so go figure).

Nobody, wants to see themselves on screen. When you’re speaking to someone, you don’t see yourself. When I’m talking to someone, in my head I look like _______________ (fill-in the name of some Hollywood mega-star), but on iChat, its not that guy.

So rest assured, there is a solution, in Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard), but it is not enabled by default. From

Hide Local Video
Remove the picture-in-picture view from your iChat video conference if you prefer not seeing yourself in the chat. Just select Hide Local Video from the Video menu.


So, the challenge for me now is to fix this on every machine in my group. Which I will attempt to do next week. I promise to report back if the use of iChat video increases.