Can’t Be Late – FAIL

I’ve been stranded in a snow storm due to bad tires and it was no fun. 360’s across the highway, car slipping from lane to lane. It’s something you do once and make sure you’re prepared for from that point on. So I empathize with this driver, who’s car was left on the road two days after this storm. Hopefully everyone made it out okay. I had to exit and u-turn to snap these photos. Check out the license plate in the last shot…

CANTBEL8 – click image to zoom in.

Nature Wallpaper – Grasshopper on Sunflower

Here are some photos I shot this weekend. I created 1680×1050 and 1440×900 pixel wallpapers if anyone has interest in the them.

I stumbled upon what I think is a young grasshopper sitting on a sunflower leaf. If you’re an entomologist, please let me know if I’m wrong.grasshopper on a sunflower series

Grasshopper on a sunflower 1440 x 900″ zipped, 530k

Grasshopper on a sunflower 1680 x 1050 zipped, 700k

BTW, I used a Minolta Dimage 7i and its macro feature.