Great Article: Why Every Company Needs A ‘No Bozos’ Policy

Here’s a must-read article by Eric Jackson, in Forbes…

Most of us have met “bozos” before in our work and personal lives. If you’re lucky, you’ve only seen them in the check-out aisle at the grocery store and quickly been able to divert your path away to a different lane — never to see them again.

If you’re unlucky, you work for a “bozo” or near one.

Why Every Company Needs A ‘No Bozos’ Policy

new iPods, where does it leave the iPhone?

Apple announced the iPod Touch, aka the iPhone, without the phone built-in.  It has comes with more memory and is thinner than the iPhone. But, what does this do to the iPod/iPhone market?

The iPod Touch is now an option for those who don’t need a phone, or can’t get out of a contract, but would like to use it as a wifi PDA + music player. Many people still carry a phone and an organizer. Some due to the “corporate standard” or they may need to use of custom application, built on one of these platforms.

The move to smartphones, like the iPhone, Blackberry, Treo and new devices still in the works is imminent. But there are limitations on the disk size on the phones. Even with news SD cards, they don’t match the 160GB size of the newest iPod, the Classic. For those users who carry their entire digital library with them, Apple kept an iPod close to the original form, but as usual thinner.

I haven’t held the new iPod Nano yet, so I’ll hold judgement on how it fits in a workout routine, now that its bigger and there’s no much to an iPod Shuffle, unless the Nano has become to big for running and gets replaced by the Shuffle.

I’m looking forward to some first hand use with these devices.

Sync the Blackberry Pearl (8100) with Mac OS X (part 2)

Link to Part 1
One of the best features of the pearl, besides the “pearl (trackball) itself, is that it accepts the MicroSD card. I suggest getting a 2GB card and a full sized SD adapter, in case you want to use it with an external card reader. The only drawback to using it with a card reader is that you’ll have to power down the Blackberry and pop out the battery in order to get to it.

Once you have a multimedia card installed, you can then sync iTunes playlists between the Pearl and your machine. Open up the Missing Sync for Blackberry software. You’ll notice the fourth item down in the window is labelled “Music” Click on it and the row highlights. Then click on the “Settings…” Sync iTunes Music

Another window will drop down and if you’ve set up playlists of music in iTunes, you’ll see them listed there. Simply check those you want copied to the Pearl. Sync iTunes Playlists I left the default items listed below the playlists as is. You can change how much free space you leave on the media card and how often you want to sync tunes. You may want to turn of syncing music everytime, for sake of speed, if you sync frequently and only want to keep contacts, calendars up to date.

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Using GrandCentral – a how to on Google’s newest productivity app (Part 1)

I just signed up for Google’s latest acquisition, GrandCentral. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into, but after the process, I have to say that I was impressed by the features and the technology.

What is GrandCentral? The short answer is: You get a new GrandCentral phone number, input all (or some) of your other telephone numbers, so that you have one consolidated number for people to reach you, wherever you are. It also has several more online features that make it attractive for those whose telephone is as important or more important than email. You can import your contact list, view call logs, record calls, screen and block calls, etc.

Some of the technology has been around in VOIP phone systems, but they’ve managed to bring it to the masses here. Note that as of this writing, it’s still in beta. Also, Google just made some of the advanced features free, but note that the terms of service states that it can change and charge for these again at some point in the future.

The first thing to do is sign up for a free account at the GrandCentral home page. Look for the “Reserve” button. They’ve done a nice job with the website. It guided me through the process and I easily made my way through the setup.
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