Thanks to Hurricane Irene, NYC’s Reservoirs are now at 101%

Hurricane Irene boosts NYC reservoir totals to 101 percent. 20 percent more than normal levels for August.

I’m a weather geek, but not to the point of having the Weather Channel keyed in as a favorite on my cable box. Yes, I did have it on Sunday morning as Hurricane Irene was above us here in NY, but hadn’t tuned into it before then since…, well I can’t remember when?

One of my geeky obsession, is to occasionally check the Continue reading “Thanks to Hurricane Irene, NYC’s Reservoirs are now at 101%”

Are Air Marshals worth the expense?

It turns out that the air marshals (all of them in total) have arrested an average of 4.2 people per year since 2001, and ironically, more of these air marshals have been arrested themselves, than the total arrests they’ve made.

Again to restate, the whole air marshal system resulted in 4.2 arrests per year. That’s not 4.2 arrests per individual air marshal–the whole system.

Then to learn that more of them get locked up for misdemeanors and felonies alike, at a rate faster than they are locking terrorists or intoxicated passengers, is stunning.

Considering we spend around $200 MILLION DOLLARS PER ARREST MADE, its certainly worth reexamining.

Check out Schneier on Security and Congressman Duncan’s site for more info…

Can’t Be Late – FAIL

I’ve been stranded in a snow storm due to bad tires and it was no fun. 360’s across the highway, car slipping from lane to lane. It’s something you do once and make sure you’re prepared for from that point on. So I empathize with this driver, who’s car was left on the road two days after this storm. Hopefully everyone made it out okay. I had to exit and u-turn to snap these photos. Check out the license plate in the last shot…

CANTBEL8 – click image to zoom in.

Groundhog Day

When the Bill Murray movie comes on I can’t help but watch it. I watch it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. It’s not that I Tivo or DVR it and I don’t have it on BluRay. I blame the cable channels for putting it on and trapping me.

I’m hooked on other movies too. Back to the Future was on last night. Sure enough, I watched it through to the very end, to the displeasure of everyone else at home.

Happy Groundhog Day!