What’s up with the NFL iPhone app?

I’m trying to figure out what the National Football League’s (NFL) strategy is with their iPhone app? ┬áThe reviews are not pretty. As I look at the iTunes page now, there’s not one review that rates more than a star. The written reviews are even worse and I’m sure many who gave one star were trying to figure out if Apple would allow no stars or negative stars.

Fortunately for the NFL, iTunes doesn’t let me copy and paste, but they’re along the lines of “Shame on you, NFL,” “Worst sports app,” “Fails to deliver,” “Fire the developers.” I could keep going.

I wonder what’s happening behind the scenes? At NFL headquarters? Around the conference table when they’re discussing the strategy, features, marketing of this app? Continue reading “What’s up with the NFL iPhone app?”

Find Vintage Commercials on iTunes University

I highly recommend iTunes U (University). If you’ve never heard about it its certainly worth a look. iTunesU You can find it inside the iTunes Store. iTunes U is a repository of free online multimedia courses including K-12, under grad and graduate courses, not to mention a variety of higher learning in wide range of subjects.

Tonight I stumbled upon a trove of “old” television commercials. They’re there as part of Duke University’s AdViews. The collection, many from the golden age of advertising, have been digitized from 16mm film “…for use in research, teaching and private study” according to the page description.

I didn’t count (or watch) them all, but there seems to be well over a thousand available there now. Among my favorites are 249 different toilet tissue spots by Proctor and Gamble. If you were around in the 70’s you couldn’t help but watch Mr. Whipple and all of the fuss around squeezing the Charmin. Enjoy!