On robots replacing workers

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Decades of factory automation have already replaced many good jobs–You’ve seen the pictures of the robotic assembly lines building case and such. We’ve heard and maybe have seen kiosks in fast-food establishments…

Automation To Hit Poorer Workers Hardest, Says Report
By David Curry – Sunday Jul 16, 2017
The Proliferation Of Robots And Artificial Intelligence Into The Workplace Will Make Social Inequality Even Worse And Lead To Significant Job Losses, According To A Report From The Boston Consulting Group.The Report Says That While Automation Will Affect A Broad Range Of Jobs, The Rich Will Be Able To Retrain And Deploy Themselves Into New Fields, While People On Lower Incomes Will Not Have Access To Those Same Opportunities.

Social Media Ad Revenue to Double in 4 Years

Social Media Ad Revenue is expected to double to over nine billion dollar by 2016 according to a new report released today by BIA/Kelsey, a firm that advises companies in the local media space. The rate of growth is over 19%. At the same time local ads will also expand, and at a faster pace, from $1.1 billion to $3 billion in the same time frame, a 28% compounded annual growth rate.

The key reasons are the emergence and adoption of Facebook’s Marketplace Ads and YouTube’s multiple display units (video, traditional banners) and by the higher premiums native social ad units command. Mobile ads on social platforms will also see growth and at a fast pace as well, growing to $1.5 billion, from $500 million.

“The year 2012 can be viewed as social advertising’s ‘coming of age,'” said Jed Williams, program director, Social Local Media, BIA/Kelsey. “The continued development of native ads, such as Facebook’s Sponsored Stories and Twitter’s Promoted Tweets, and the acceleration of mobile monetization will be the primary drivers of social advertising growth through 2016.

For more detail, the full media forecast is available for purchase from BIA/Kelsey. Additional information is available at http://www.biakelsey.com, on the company’s Local Media Watch blog, Twitter (http://twitter.com/BIAKelsey) and Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/biakelsey).

Are Air Marshals worth the expense?

It turns out that the air marshals (all of them in total) have arrested an average of 4.2 people per year since 2001, and ironically, more of these air marshals have been arrested themselves, than the total arrests they’ve made.

Again to restate, the whole air marshal system resulted in 4.2 arrests per year. That’s not 4.2 arrests per individual air marshal–the whole system.

Then to learn that more of them get locked up for misdemeanors and felonies alike, at a rate faster than they are locking terrorists or intoxicated passengers, is stunning.

Considering we spend around $200 MILLION DOLLARS PER ARREST MADE, its certainly worth reexamining.

Check out Schneier on Security and Congressman Duncan’s site for more info…

Saying No to Eco-Bling

Here’s a good article about the pitfalls of what look like helpful efforts to save money and help the environment, but on closer inspection are not even close to fulfilling either one. Eco-Bling are these items that may make you feel better and show yourself and others that your fighting the good fight.

I was seriously considering solar panels and even researched wind turbines, but doing more practical things such as installing energy efficient light bulbs, wearing an extra layer of clothing and turning off lights/appliances can do more.

I think the tax incentives tied to some of these things had mislead me to believe that there was more value than what could be recouped.

Hybrid cars are no better especially when your current vehicle is fairly efficient. I could replace my 10 year old Honda (~36 MPGs still) with a Prius or Insight, but it probably would not make economic sense since real-life mileage claims appear to be just over ~40 MPG.

Besides the value of the savings, consider the time you spend researching, planning. Will you have to hire contractors, etc? Doesn’t sound easy.

Putting on a sweater and turning the lights off could be the best answer after all.