On robots replacing workers

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Decades of factory automation have already replaced many good jobs–You’ve seen the pictures of the robotic assembly lines building case and such. We’ve heard and maybe have seen kiosks in fast-food establishments…

Automation To Hit Poorer Workers Hardest, Says Report
By David Curry – Sunday Jul 16, 2017
The Proliferation Of Robots And Artificial Intelligence Into The Workplace Will Make Social Inequality Even Worse And Lead To Significant Job Losses, According To A Report From The Boston Consulting Group.The Report Says That While Automation Will Affect A Broad Range Of Jobs, The Rich Will Be Able To Retrain And Deploy Themselves Into New Fields, While People On Lower Incomes Will Not Have Access To Those Same Opportunities.

On Windows Phone Failing

Brian Hall outlines the reasons Windows Phone has been losing out to iPhone and Android, in his ReadWrite Mobile article. He covers missteps by management at the start, but midway through gets to what I think is the heart of it, referencing a 2012 study of common phone use…

Microsoft has designed a smartphone operating system that might be better, maybe even much better, for those things that Microsoft is good at – such as Word, Outlook, Xbox Play. The problem is, those do not seem to be the things that smartphone users want or need.

So, in many instances, desired apps are two clicks away from what the user wants–not good.

The Real Reason Windows Phone Is Failing

Great Article: Why Every Company Needs A ‘No Bozos’ Policy

Here’s a must-read article by Eric Jackson, in Forbes…

Most of us have met “bozos” before in our work and personal lives. If you’re lucky, you’ve only seen them in the check-out aisle at the grocery store and quickly been able to divert your path away to a different lane — never to see them again.

If you’re unlucky, you work for a “bozo” or near one.

Why Every Company Needs A ‘No Bozos’ Policy