Nicholas Rufa
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Nick’s typical clients are intelligent, business-savvy, entrepreneurs. They know their business better than anyone else. What they may lack is in-depth knowledge of right technology to use or the free time it takes to do it right. ┬áNick takes on that responsibility for them, works with them, empowering them with that knowledge and gives them the ability to make smart decisions.

I purchased my first computer almost 30 years ago. It was an Apple //e. I dragged my parents to Central Avenue in Yonkers. The store was “The Computer Factory,” it was in the shopping center, just south of Jackson Avenue. It was expensive, but I worked sweeping, mopping and stocking shelves to save up for it.

The “religious” debates about OS and hardware had started even before Apple vs. Microsoft. It was a little different though back then. I remember a classmate, Mike Murray, from Mt. St. Michael Academy, in the Bronx, would go over the pros and cons of the Apple II vs Commodore 64. I wish I could remember exactly what it was about the Apple that made me choose that route, but the rest is history.

Choosing the better product over the standard hardware, not picking, what on the face of things, seems to be the “safest” option, or just doing what everyone else is doing, defines my philosophy and it helped me find success in the many roles I’ve played since.

I’m not the typical computer geek though. I see many of my colleagues choose the hardware or the software for it merits on paper, or get carried away by the hype generated around it. I make sure that the business need, now and in the near future, always leads the selection process.